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Hot Water Heat Pumps

Too Hot To Handle provides advanced hot water heat pump systems, offering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hot water solutions tailored for Geelong homes.

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Eco-friendly hot water heat pumps

Hot water heat pumps are at the forefront of energy-efficient domestic hot water production, representing a significant advancement over traditional heating methods. These innovative systems extract warmth from the air, ground, or water to heat water, functioning effectively even in cooler temperatures and utilising less energy compared to conventional water heaters. With the ability to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs, hot water heat pumps are not only a green choice but also a smart economic decision for homeowners.

Too Hot To Handle specialises in providing these state-of-the-art systems, offering customised installation and comprehensive service to ensure that homes in Geelong enjoy reliable, sustainable hot water year-round.

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Why heat pumps?

Advantages of hot water heat pumps

Hot water heat pumps offer a plethora of advantages, making them an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking both efficiency and eco-friendliness. These systems are renowned for their ability to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional electric or gas heaters, thanks to their high energy efficiency. Additionally, hot water heat pumps provide a consistent hot water supply and are often quieter and safer to operate than their fossil-fuel-based counterparts. 

What are the benefits of Hot Water Heat Pumps 

  • Hot water heat pumps use up to 75% less electricity than your typical hot water systems. 
  • SMART capabilities – Your HWHP can be preset to only heat at off peak times to save costs. Most are WIFI compatible to track electricity usage and have more control over your hot water.
  • HWHP qualify for government rebates.
  • Self-diagnosing for any mechanical issues.
  • Backup heating element – If your HWHP fails in the future, some heat pumps have a backup heating element, allowing it to be used as a standard electric hot water service until the fault has been repaired.
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions and to suit the cooler climate
New heat pump

Reclaim’s new hot water heat pump, now with Wi-Fi control. 

Reclaim’s new Wi-Fi controller now has multiple timer and temperature control options, putting the power in your hands. The Air-Source CO2 heat pump hot water system design offers ultimate and seamless flexibility to cater for your busy lifestyle! Reclaim’s Wi-Fi controller optional upgrade offers the smartest, most flexible, and efficient way to optimise your energy savings from your fingertips wherever you are.

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Which heat pump?

Selecting the right heat pump

Choosing the appropriate heat pump for your home is a decision that requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal performance and cost-efficiency. The size of your home, insulation quality, local climate, and your household’s hot water demand are all critical in determining the right model and size of the heat pump. Energy efficiency ratings and the type of refrigerant used can also influence environmental impact and running costs.

Too Hot To Handle takes a personalised approach, working closely with you to assess these factors and recommend a heat pump that fits your specific needs. There are two different styles of hot water heat pumps – Split System and an Integrated System, both have their benefits. 

Split System – The evaporator, fan and compressor are separate and connected to the tank through refrigerant piping.  Reclaim – Premium heat pump, 15 years life expectancy, silent operation, most efficient on the market, quick heat recovery, non-rust tank.

Integrated Systems – In an integrated system, the entire system is connected and comes as a single unit. IstoreCost-Effective, compact unit (perfect for properties short on space), quiet operation, 1000 watt compress, electric element back up.


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Frequently asked questions

Hot water heat pumps are hot water services that use refrigerated air conditioner technology to turn the heat from the air into hot water. These heat pumps are the most efficient hot water services currently on the residential market.

Heat pump hot water systems work similarly to a reverse cycle air conditioner. They use a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the air, rather than using an element to heat the water. These systems use up to 75% less electricity than your typical hot water systems

As a Hot Water System specialist, we recommend allowing 80 litres per person when deciding on a hot water system. This will ensure you will have consistently hot water all day, and don’t run the risk of running out. 

2 x people  = 180L 

3 x people  =250L 

4 x people  =315L

5 x people  =40 L

Heat pumps are designed to be efficient even in colder climates by extracting warmth from the air, ground, or water, which remains at a relatively constant temperature below the frost line. They use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat rather than generate it, making them efficient even when the temperature drops. In areas with colder seasons, such as Geelong, Too Hot To Handle may recommend systems with optimised performance for lower temperatures or hybrid models that combine heat pump efficiency with a conventional heating element for the coldest days, ensuring a constant supply of hot water throughout the year.

Hot water heat pumps can be an excellent investment, particularly in the long term. While the initial installation cost may be higher than that of traditional systems, the operational savings can be significant. Heat pumps typically use less electricity, which can lead to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. With the potential for government rebates and incentives for green energy solutions, as well as the longevity and reduced maintenance costs associated with heat pumps, Too Hot To Handle finds that many homeowners in Geelong recoup their initial investment over time, making heat pumps a financially savvy choice.

Many hot water heat pumps can be integrated with existing hot water systems to increase efficiency and reduce running costs. This integration can often be done by using the heat pump as a pre-heater for the water that enters your existing system, which can be particularly beneficial if your current system is already relatively new or if it’s not feasible to replace it entirely at the moment. Too Hot To Handle has experience in assessing existing systems and advising on the best way to integrate a heat pump, customising solutions to suit the specific setup and needs of your home in Geelong.