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Gas Ducted Heating

Too Hot To Handle expertly installs gas ducted heating systems in Geelong, ensuring efficient whole-home warmth and tailored comfort solutions.

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With over ten years in the business, Too Hot To Handle has successfully installed more than 10,000 heating and cooling systems across Geelong.

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Why choose gas ducted heating Geelong?

Gas ducted heating is a cost-effective and efficient method to warm an entire home. It operates by heating air through a gas furnace and then distributing the warmed air via a network of ducts to different rooms. This type of heating is popular for its ability to produce a consistent and comfortable heat throughout the house, its quick response to temperature changes, and the potential for zoning—allowing you to heat only the areas of your home that are in use.

Additionally, gas ducted systems can be less expensive to run compared to electric heaters, making them a preferred choice for those looking to reduce their energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

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Personalised heating solutions

Benefits of zoning gas ducted heating Geelong

One of the most significant advantages of gas ducted heating systems is their zoning capabilities, which allow for customised climate control throughout your home. This feature enables you to heat specific areas or ‘zones’ as needed, avoiding the wasteful and costly exercise of heating unoccupied rooms.

With zoning, you can create a personalised heating plan that aligns with your family’s lifestyle and daily routine, ensuring that everyone enjoys optimal comfort in the spaces they use the most. Moreover, zoning not only enhances comfort but also increases the system’s efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. Too Hot To Handle can expertly configure a gas ducted system with smart zoning technology, tailored precisely to the unique layout and thermal requirements of your home, ensuring that warmth is always right where you need it.

Janine PayneJanine Payne
21:48 21 Sep 23
Scott and guys removed an old split system and installed two new split systems for us. All workers were polite and professional throughout the day (Too Hot To Handle and DLK Electrical Solutions). Very happy with systems and rebates available. Felt very comfortable with these tradies in our home. No hesitation to recommend this business and their workers. Cheers and thanks. Janine
Deb GrullDeb Grull
06:30 14 Sep 23
Matt and team installed our new electric hot water service after our gas one gave up the ghost. He pulled a lot of strings to get one very quickly, so we were only without hot water for a day and a half. He ensured we also got all the government rebates. After sales service has been excellent.
karianne berrykarianne berry
00:43 12 Sep 23
Great Name. Awesome service, with a quality product and great price . Superlatives from a happy customer. Definitely recommend.
Madison YoungMadison Young
04:45 31 Aug 23
Scott and Matt are fantastic to deal with. They were efficient, competitively priced and professional. I can't recommend them enough. Our new heat pump hot water service is brilliant, and they helped us get the government rebates.
Liah BloodLiah Blood
10:44 25 Aug 23
Alex DawsonAlex Dawson
08:44 11 Aug 23
I booked the job with Matt and Scott 3 weeks ago for a full duct refit for our ducted heating. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were delighted with the price and the workmanship on the day. The guys arrived early, got the job done in a professional manor and went above and beyond. We will definitely use them again and we highly recommend them. Thanks Matt, Scott and the team.
Kate LyonsKate Lyons
09:56 01 Aug 23
Can't recommend these guys enough! They responded to my inquiry immediately, took initiative to get to my regional property and quote within a week and install was only a few days later. They did an amazing job, left the place spotless and the unit looks great. They also install customer supplied split system units which is surprisingly difficult to come across. 10/10

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Keep your system running smooth

Maintenance of gas heating Geelong

Regular maintenance of a gas ducted heating system in Geelong is crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. A professional service should be scheduled annually, ideally before the cold season begins, to maintain the system’s efficiency and safety. During these check-ups, a certified technician from Too Hot To Handle would thoroughly inspect your system, cleaning components like the fan and filter to prevent blockages that can reduce airflow and efficiency. They’ll also check for any signs of wear and tear, replace parts as necessary, and ensure that the heat exchanger is free of cracks to prevent carbon monoxide leaks. Such meticulous servicing not only extends the life of your heater but also ensures it operates safely and at peak efficiency, providing you with peace of mind and saving you money by preventing more costly repairs down the line.

Consistent heating

Evenly distributed heat with gas ducted heating Geelong

Gas ducted heating is renowned for its ability to provide consistent and uniform heat distribution throughout your home, eliminating the cold spots that can be common with other heating methods. The system works by pushing warm air through a series of ducts directly into each room, ensuring that every corner receives an equal share of heating, and then redrawing that air through a central return air grille to be reheated and redistributed. This means it doesn’t have to heat it up as much as it’s using warm air, meaning less gas consumption. This system ensures that you won’t find yourself shivering in one room while overheating in another—a consistent temperature is maintained everywhere, enhancing the comfort for all occupants.

The design of the duct network, professionally planned and installed by the experts at Too Hot To Handle, is key to achieving this even distribution. It ensures that warmth is not just confined to the vicinity of a heater but spread evenly, providing a cosy environment on even the coldest Geelong winter days. This even distribution is not only about comfort; it’s also about efficiency, as it prevents the system from overworking to compensate for areas of heat loss, thus reducing energy consumption and associated costs.

Ducted air conditioning Geelong FAQs

Gas ducted heating operates by burning natural gas to produce heat, which is then distributed evenly throughout the home via a network of ducts. This system is highly efficient because gas is a cost-effective fuel source, and the heat distribution is controlled and uniform, eliminating hot and cold spots. Compared to other heating methods, gas ducted heating warms up a space quickly and is more environmentally friendly, as natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than coal-fired electricity. Additionally, the ability to zone your home with ducted gas heating means you only heat the areas you use, making it a smart choice for both your wallet and the environment.

Gas ducted heating can be tailored to fit most homes, whether they have existing ductwork or not. The specific requirements for a successful installation include adequate space for the system’s furnace and ducts, as well as proper ventilation to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes. For homes without existing ductwork, installing a gas ducted heating system may involve more extensive work to place the ducts and vents. However, the long-term benefits of efficient heating often outweigh these initial installation efforts. Consulting with a professional from Too Hot To Handle can provide a clear assessment of your home’s suitability for a gas ducted heating system.

Regular maintenance of a gas ducted heating system typically involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the furnace, ducts, and vents to ensure unobstructed airflow. It also includes checking the system’s filters, which may need cleaning or replacing to maintain air quality and efficiency. Technicians will test the thermostat and safety controls, inspect the heat exchanger for integrity to prevent carbon monoxide leaks, and ensure the burner and ignition systems are functioning properly. Annual or biannual servicing by a professional is recommended to not only extend the lifespan of the system but also to keep it running safely and at its peak efficiency, thereby ensuring your home remains a haven of warmth and comfort.

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