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Efficient Evaporative Cooling

Too Hot To Handle expertly installs state-of-the-art evaporative cooling systems, ensuring efficient and natural cooling for homes throughout Geelong.

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Evaporative Cooling Geelong

Evaporative cooling offers an efficient and natural method for cooling homes, particularly effective in dry climates like those often experienced in Geelong. This system works by drawing in hot, dry air and passing it through water-saturated pads, where the air is cooled through evaporation and then circulated throughout the home.

The result is not only cooler air but also a consistent flow of fresh, filtered air, which can improve indoor air quality. With lower installation and operational costs compared to traditional air conditioning, evaporative cooling is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Too Hot To Handle specialises in installing these systems, providing a cooling solution that is both energy-efficient and effective in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature during the hot summer months.

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Why choose evaporative?

Advantages of evaporative cooling in Geelong

Evaporative cooling systems stand out for their multitude of advantages, starting with their energy efficiency, which offers substantial cost savings on electricity bills due to their lower power consumption compared to traditional air conditioning units. Evaporative coolers are incredibly efficient, they use roughly a bucket of water every few days and draw similar energy to an old lightbulb.The cooling process, which mimics nature’s own cooling method—evaporation—provides a consistent flow of fresh, cool air, creating a comfortable and healthier indoor climate that can alleviate issues associated with dry air, such as dry skin and irritated eyes.

Furthermore, these systems are eco-friendly, emitting no ozone-harming refrigerants and using water as a renewable resource for cooling. Too Hot To Handle harnesses these benefits to offer bespoke evaporative cooling installations, ensuring homes in Geelong enjoy fresh and natural comfort all summer long.

Janine PayneJanine Payne
21:48 21 Sep 23
Scott and guys removed an old split system and installed two new split systems for us. All workers were polite and professional throughout the day (Too Hot To Handle and DLK Electrical Solutions). Very happy with systems and rebates available. Felt very comfortable with these tradies in our home. No hesitation to recommend this business and their workers. Cheers and thanks. Janine
Deb GrullDeb Grull
06:30 14 Sep 23
Matt and team installed our new electric hot water service after our gas one gave up the ghost. He pulled a lot of strings to get one very quickly, so we were only without hot water for a day and a half. He ensured we also got all the government rebates. After sales service has been excellent.
karianne berrykarianne berry
00:43 12 Sep 23
Great Name. Awesome service, with a quality product and great price . Superlatives from a happy customer. Definitely recommend.
Madison YoungMadison Young
04:45 31 Aug 23
Scott and Matt are fantastic to deal with. They were efficient, competitively priced and professional. I can't recommend them enough. Our new heat pump hot water service is brilliant, and they helped us get the government rebates.
Liah BloodLiah Blood
10:44 25 Aug 23
Alex DawsonAlex Dawson
08:44 11 Aug 23
I booked the job with Matt and Scott 3 weeks ago for a full duct refit for our ducted heating. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were delighted with the price and the workmanship on the day. The guys arrived early, got the job done in a professional manor and went above and beyond. We will definitely use them again and we highly recommend them. Thanks Matt, Scott and the team.
Kate LyonsKate Lyons
09:56 01 Aug 23
Can't recommend these guys enough! They responded to my inquiry immediately, took initiative to get to my regional property and quote within a week and install was only a few days later. They did an amazing job, left the place spotless and the unit looks great. They also install customer supplied split system units which is surprisingly difficult to come across. 10/10
But how?

How does evaporative air conditioning work?

Evaporative air conditioning Geelong, is like a sea breeze keeping you cool on a hot day. Imagine you’re by the ocean and the air feels cooler as the water evaporates; this is the same basic principle behind evaporative air conditioning/ cooling. Inside the unit, a fan draws in warm air from outside and passes it through moistened pads. As the air moves through these pads, water in the pads evaporates, absorbing heat from the air, cooling it down.

This chilled air is then blown into your home, lowering the temperature. It’s a simple, natural process that mimics the way coolness is produced in nature, using water evaporation to reduce heat, which is exactly what Too Hot To Handle’s systems do to keep your home nice and comfortable.

Repairs and maintenance

Evaporative cooling service Geelong

Servicing an evaporative cooling system is essential to ensure it runs efficiently and effectively throughout the warmer months and prevents build-up of bacteria in stagnant systems over winter. The process typically involves a thorough inspection and cleaning of the unit’s key components. This includes checking the filter pads, which must be clean and in good condition to allow for proper evaporation and airflow. The water pump and base tank of the system also need to be cleaned to prevent any build-up of minerals or algae, which can clog the system or drain, preventing itself from self-cleaning and reducing efficiency.

Additionally, the fan motor and all essential parts of the unit are inspected for any potential issues, and the overall system is checked for leaks or corrosion. Regular servicing by Too Hot To Handle not only enhances the performance of your evaporative cooler but also extends its lifespan, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable when the temperatures rise.

Frequently asked questions

The primary difference between evaporative cooling and traditional air conditioning lies in their cooling methods. Evaporative cooling uses water evaporation to cool the air, which is more energy-efficient and adds moisture to the indoor air, making it particularly beneficial in dry climates. It works best when fresh air can flow through the home, as it requires windows or doors to be partially open to create air movement. Traditional air conditioning, on the other hand, works by removing heat and humidity from the air and recirculating the cooled air in a closed environment, which can be more effective in humid conditions.

Evaporative cooling is most effective in areas with dry heat, as the process relies on the evaporation of water to cool the air. If you live in a region with low humidity, like many parts of Geelong and greater surrounding, an evaporative cooler could be an excellent choice for your home. It’s also ideal if you prefer a steady stream of fresh air, as opposed to recirculated air. To determine if your home is a good fit for evaporative cooling, Too Hot To Handle can assess local climate conditions, your home’s layout, and your personal comfort preferences to provide the best cooling solution.

Yes, evaporative coolers can help filter out pollen, dust, and other outdoor allergens. As the air passes through the wet pads, particles are trapped and moistened, reducing the number of allergens that enter the indoor space. However, the effectiveness of this filtration depends on the maintenance of the cooler, particularly the cleanliness of the pads. Regular servicing ensures that the pads are clean and functioning correctly, which is essential for maximising the air-purifying benefits of an evaporative cooling system provided by Too Hot To Handle.

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