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Too Hot To Handle is the solution for all things related to air conditioning in Geelong. Our team is highly aware of the intricacies of the Australian climate, particularly in Melbourne. With years of experience, we know the challenges of Geelong's weather very well. Using our knowledge, we customise our services to often surpass client expectations for heating and cooling in Geelong.

We cannot stress the importance of a robust and efficient air conditioning system enough. At Too Hot To Handle, we aim to provide advanced, personalised solutions for each customer's needs. We ensure you stay comfortable year-round, despite Geelong's shifting weather.

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The Ultimate Solution for Heating and Cooling in Geelong

Located in the southern regions of Australia, Geelong's climate presents a unique blend of weather challenges. From its intense hot summers to its cold winter nights, Geelong's weather challenges the heating and cooling systems of its residents. The weather changes require a system that's energy-efficient and consistently maintains the desired temperature, regardless of the weather.

In the face of Geelong's variable climate, Too Hot To Handle remains a pillar of trust and reliability. We tailor our solutions for each unique space, whether it's a home or office. We understand Geelong's climate and its people's needs, and that shapes our reputation

Our team, a league of seasoned air conditioning experts in Geelong, isn't just technically proficient. They're dedicated experts who dive deep to grasp the heart of every problem, creating solutions that go beyond the equipment, aiming to improve quality of life. They keep this ethos at the forefront, transforming from experts to comfort specialists.

With Too Hot To Handle by your side, you're not just getting an air conditioning solution, you're investing in an experience, ensuring your indoor spaces remain sanctuaries of perfect comfort, regardless of the climatic uproar outside.

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Why Choose Too Hot To Handle?


Our team gained valuable insights from years of hands-on experience in heating and cooling systems. In our journey, we've faced numerous challenges, from complex architecture to adapting to Geelong's ever-changing climate. By addressing every challenge, we boost our expertise to guarantee perfect climate control anywhere.


In the realm of air conditioning, Geelong’s residents know us as not just another service provider, but as pioneers. Our technicians handpicked for their passion and skill, undergo intensive professional development in the latest HVAC advancements. This ensures they're not just technically adept but are also visionaries in their field. They have extensive knowledge of various systems, enabling them to suggest and apply the best solution for every situation.

Quality Brands

We mirror our commitment to excellence in our choice of partners. We collaborate exclusively with the industry's most illustrious air conditioning brands. This partnership means every product we suggest or install is durable, efficient, and performs excellently. With us, you're not just getting a service, but a legacy of quality.

Comprehensive Services

At Too Hot To Handle, we believe in providing a holistic experience. Our suite extends beyond installation service. From the initial consultation to regular checks, we're with you every step, ensuring your system's long life and efficiency.

Our goal is to simplify your experience, reinforcing our status as the preferred provider for heating and cooling in Geelong.

Our Services

Split System

A split system is the epitome of precision for climate control. These systems are energy-efficient and allow you to install them strategically in specific areas of your home. Split systems provide tailored cooling or heating, ensuring optimal comfort without wastage.

Ducted System

Imagine a gentle breeze flowing seamlessly through every corner of your home. That’s the kind of consistency a ducted system brings. We design these systems to integrate into your home, using ducts to deliver consistent cooling to every room. With ducted air conditioning, your entire home becomes an oasis of comfort.

Ducted Reverse Cycle System

Climate challenges require adaptable solutions. A ducted reverse cycle system offers both heating and cooling in one unit. It adjusts based on your needs, making it a reliable companion for Geelong's climate.

Hydronic Heating

The concept of hydronic heating is akin to nature's way of warming. Using water as its medium, this system circulates heated water through pipes and radiators to provide warmth into spaces. A warmth that's consistent and gentle, similar to the feel of a snug blanket around you.

Gas Heating

When the cold becomes challenging to endure, gas heating emerges as a dependable solution. With its effectiveness and efficiency, many choose gas heating during cold weather.

Evaporative Cooling

By drawing in the outdoor air through evaporation, these systems provide a natural coolness to your space. It’s not just cost-effective; it provides a kind of cooling that feels fresh, natural and is environmentally friendly.

Gas & Electrical Safety Checks

Your safety is our priority. Our team conducts thorough checks on your systems. Whether it's a gas or an electrical unit, we carefully inspect and ensure they're not just functioning, but doing so safely and efficiently. This service is our pledge to give you peace of mind, knowing that your comfort doesn't come at the expense of safety.

The Air Conditioning Brands We Specialise in

We Provide Services Geelong Wide

Our services extend beyond Geelong. Our expertise extends to Victoria and the Greater Melbourne region. If you're searching for high-quality heating and cooling services in Geelong, you know who to call.

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Let Too Hot To Handle be your ultimate solution for the best air conditioning Geelong has to offer. We're here to ensure your indoor climate remains as comfortable as you'd like, no matter the season.

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