Heat pump hot water services are the most energy efficient hot water heaters on the market. Heat pump hot water heater costs up to 80 percent less in running costs than conventional hot water heaters and are specifically designed for Australian conditions saving you on running costs and emissions making them the most environmentally friendly option on the market. Most heat pump units are smart units also, meaning they can be set to heat in off peak times, or set for different needs depending on your household or seasons most heat pump hot water services can be controlled by Wi-Fi to adjust temperature and settings.

Two options for heat pumps could be split or integrated units.

Split System Heat Pump Hot Water Split HWS
Integrated System Heat Pump Hot Water Integrated HWS

Brands We Work With:

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Too hot to handle heating and cooling are committed to making more environmentally conscious choices and to giving the best advice on ways to save on costs. We have recently partnered with EPHE Residential Energy Efficiency (http://www.ephe.com.au). EPHE is an energy efficiency company who will inspect your home, or business and give you a full report on your house or businesses star rating based on your insulation values. This will include things like your windows, doors, vents, and what insulation they have. EPHE will give you a full report breaking down how much you could save by making energy efficient upgrades and what unbiased upgrades you should make. They will also help you find the most cost-effective ways to save you money on running costs and help you plan, with a timeline of how long it will take for the costs of upgrades to pay themselves off and start making you money. There are now also government incentives that if you earn less then $180,000 a year, and you house is valued less then 3 million you could be eligible for a low-rate loan of $25,000 for upgrades to your home, if it the upgrades are going to make your home more energy efficient. This means instead of paying bills, you will pay the loan and be ahead within a 3–6-year period.


Before upgrades

After electrifying your home:

How much rebate can you expect?

Government rebates are now available to help compensate upgrades that help make your home or business more energy efficient. The amounts of the rebate will depend on what your existing system is, and what you are replacing it with. This will apply for hot water heaters, air conditioning and heating. The rebate amount will be anywhere from $260-$4000. Too hot to handle has partnered with an accredited rebate provider to help make the process as easy as possible and will organise the rebates on your behalf.

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