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Energy Rebates

Unlock the savings with state and federal rebates on energy-efficient upgrades! These rebates are designed to make sustainable choices more accessible, drastically reducing your upfront costs.

What is an energy rebate?

Can I claim energy rebates?

The state and federal governments are now giving rebates to consumers to encourage people to make more energy-efficient and sustainable choices when choosing heating, cooling, air conditioning and hot water products. The amount of rebates can vary depending on how efficient the government deems your new product to be and in some cases how inefficient your existing products are currently. There are three energy rebate options available.

  • VEECs – Victorian energy efficiency certificates – Save up to $7800 for ducted reverse cycle & split system air conditioners, and $3000 for hot water heat pumps
  • STCs- Small-scale technology certificates – Save up to $1000 – available for hot water heat pumps
  • Solar Victoria – $1000 per upgrade, available for solar hot water heat pump
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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Rebates

Rebates available for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Did you know you can claim rebates on your home’s air conditioning? Elevate your home’s comfort and efficiency with ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning, and take advantage of available rebates to make your upgrade more affordable. The government’s energy efficiency incentives, including VEECs, offer significant savings for adopting greener solutions. Specifically for reverse cycle air conditioning, these rebates can dramatically reduce the cost of the unit and installation, promoting a move towards sustainable living without compromising on comfort.

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Split System Rebates

Save with split system government rebates

Take advantage and save with government rebates on energy-efficient Split System Air Conditioning! Too Hot To Handle specialises in installing versatile and efficient split systems, ideal for any space looking to upgrade without extensive ductwork.

Our expert team ensures you select the right unit that not only fits your specific needs for comfort and efficiency but also qualifies you for valuable government incentives. Embrace the dual benefits of a perfectly climate-controlled environment and significant savings through rebate opportunities.

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Hot water heat pumps rebates

Take advantage of rebates for hot water heat pumps

Maximise your savings with energy rebates on hot water heat pumps! Choose a more sustainable and efficient hot water solution and benefit from significant rebates. With VEECs, you could see savings up to $3000, while STCs offers up to $1000 off. Plus, Solar Victoria provides an additional $1000 rebate per upgrade. These rebates, offered by state and federal governments, are designed to encourage eco-friendly choices, making it more affordable than ever to upgrade. Invest in a hot water heat pump today and enjoy both the environmental and financial benefits.
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Understanding the Victorian Energy Upgrades

How It Works:

VEECs and STCs are part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, aimed to reduce emissions and energy consumption. These certificates can be traded, offering you direct discounts on your installations. When the Victorian energy efficiency certificates are created, they can then be purchased from energy retailers such as Energy Australia. At Too Hot To Handle, we handle the entire process, ensuring you benefit from the maximum rebate amount without any out-of-pocket expenses upfront.

Embrace the opportunity to save and contribute to a greener planet. With our expertise, upgrading to an energy-efficient system is not only environmentally responsible but also financially rewarding. Let us guide you through selecting the perfect system that qualifies for these rebates, enhancing your comfort and ensuring your upgrade is as cost-effective as possible.

Available Rebate Options:

  • VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates):Save up to $7800 on reverse cycle and split system air conditioning. As well as $3000 on hot water heat pumps. VEECs represents a reduction in greenhouse gases, with each certificate equating to one tonne of CO2-e saved. For example, upgrading from a gas-ducted heater to a ducted reverse cycle could yield an average of 40-60 VEECs, your deduction will be calculated on the difference between carbon emissions that the appliances expend.
  • STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates): Enjoy savings up to $1000 for installing a new hot water heat pump. STCs are awarded based on the renewable energy your new system generates or displaces, factoring in your location and the energy offset over time.
  • Solar Victoria Rebates:Get $1000 back for upgrading to a solar hot water heat pump,a move aimed at combating climate change and fostering a sustainable living environment
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