With the help of Too Hot to Handle heating and cooling Geelong, the choice to install a new system, or to upgrade an old heating or cooling system, will be made easy. As a result, your home will reach a desired level of comfort for all seasons; cool and calm in the summer, or warm and cosy in winter.

Gas Ducted Heating & Split Systems

Our experts make split decisions easy! For an efficient way to heat your home, ducted heating and split systems offer the benefits of both heating and cooling your entire home. Working much the same way as a split system, a ducted split system is on a larger scale. There are two units. One is located in your roof and the other is located outside. The units connect to a series of outlets that are positioned strategically around your home, to ensure consistency throughout.

Score your home

A Ducted split in your home, provides ducted heating and split systems offer the benefits:
  • Greater energy savings
  • Inverter technology ensures uninterrupted comfort and savings in running costs
  • Instant warmth with the touch of a button

Zone your home

With a ducted split system in your home, you’re sure to have:
  • Complete control over individual comfort needs
  • Elimination of cold spots
  • Flexible room temperatures
  • Customised time period programming

Wall Mounted Split Systems


If you require an efficient Air Conditioning unit, for a single room, a split system air-conditioner is the ideal product. Wall mounted split systems are a simple way to control the airflow of individual rooms. Using advanced technology, wall mounted Split Systems, unlike fully ducted units; do not rely on one central unit or control system for power or air temperature instructions.


A split system unit is comprised of two units. To provide greater control and temperature of individual rooms, each unit acts independently of the other, and has its own filters and air supply. One unit is located on a wall of a room you wish to be heated or cooled, and a second unit is located outside.

Split System Benefits

Unlike fully ducted split systems, wall mounted split systems do not rely on ducts or outside compressor units. Generally low cost; to purchase install and maintain; wall mounted split system air conditioners are a simple way to control the airflow of individual rooms.

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