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About Us

Welcome to Too Hot To Handle, Geelong’s premier destination for heating and cooling solutions. With over a decade of experience, we’ve become the go-to experts for tailored, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that meet the unique needs of every home and business.

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About Us

Why choose Too Hot To Handle

At Too Hot To Handle, we are more than just a heating and cooling service provider; we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to enhancing the comfort of homes and businesses in Geelong and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience, we take pride in our deep-rooted expertise and our passion for delivering exceptional solutions in regards to anything heating, cooling or hot water related.

Our mission is simple: to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective heating and cooling services that meet the unique needs of each customer while being honest, understanding and diligent in our efforts. We pride ourselves on our genuine work culture and ultimately want what is best for you and your situation. We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable living and working environment, regardless of the season, and you can rest assured, we will only offer you a system we ourselves would use in our own homes.

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We started small, our first job was fixing a roof for a mate's mum. for a fair price after she got hit with a ridiculous quote. That's the root of our honesty – treating everyone like family, no shady pricing or hidden costs. We tell it straight, do the job right, and leave you feeling good about it.


Your place is your castle, and we treat it that way. We clean up our mess, explain what we're doing in plain English, and leave you feeling confident that the jobs done properly, No surprises, just good work and good vibes.


The Too Hot To Handle team have significant experiences across a number of trades - 22 staff. We send the most qualified staff based on your job so that you get the best workmanship. We have installed more than 10000 heating and cooling units.


Our culture at Too Hot To handle is a friendly and supportive work environment. It starts internally with how we treat each other. Happy staff means that our clients get happy trades at their house.


We have an extensively qualified team across multiple trades, with some of the team members possessing 2 trades. Plumbers, Electricians, refrigeration mechanics to name a few

  • The business was established in 2017, and I guess there were a few stories about how it all began. My name is Matt, and this is how we started Too Hot To Handle.

  • It all started when a mate’s mum said she couldn’t get anyone to install a roof on her bungalow for a reasonable price. She had received quotes for around $17,000. So Ned, my future business partner and I decided we could take on the project and complete it for a reasonable price. We organised the materials and completed the job that day for around $2,200. Our mate’s mum was wrapped and gave us some money for beers at the local pub.

  • After a few beers, we decided to start something ourselves. There were a lot of negative stories out there about tradies, excessive prices and the poor quality of work and we felt we could be better. So, we decided to quit our jobs on Monday. Ned called me after lunch on Monday and told me he had quit his job. I had forgotten about the conversation from the night before, but I thought to myself, “This is really happening”, so I went to tell my boss I was leaving.

  • Growing up in Geelong, we knew a lot of people. So, we started letting them know we had started a new Heating and Cooling business. Geelong being such a small place, we started getting more and more work just from word-of-mouth. After 4 months of working from the boot of a VS Commodore and a trailer, we decided it was time to hire our first apprentice. 

  • Our apprentice’s name was Clayton. Ned and I knew what it was like to be an apprentice, and how poorly we were treated back in the day. So we made a promise to each other to be better than that, and to create a culture we could be proud of. Everyone in the team, regardless of their experience, is treated with respect and embraced by our friendly culture. We believe a supportive team creates a great learning environment for our apprentices. And because of that, Clayton is still with us today as a fully qualified plumber.

  • With strong referrals and an increase in business, we bought our first van.

  • Geoffrey was our ex-boss and put both Ned and I through our apprenticeship. He decided he wanted to come and work for us, I wasn’t even sure we had enough work to cover an extra worker. But we worked it all out and Geoff got the van, and the apprentice. Both Ned and I went back to working from the commodore.

  • The next 3-4 years were all word-of-mouth jobs and we grew more, and more each year. Our business is based on integrity and has always been about honesty and quality of work. Each new team member was another mate to the fold, who contributed to the happy, and easy-going company culture.

  • COVID-19 was a challenging time for everyone, with the enforcement of rules and restrictions making it impossible for trades to keep working. With many workers in the industry being made redundant, some of our staff who were concerned about their jobs approached me. I simply said, “No one is losing their job! I’d rather lose my house than put anyone off”. During this time, I re-mortgaged my house and we kept all the guys working the best we could. We didn’t lose one member of the team during this time. 

  • When Covid restrictions eased, the building industry took off. People were working from home and needed tradesmen. Too Hot To Handle was the only company with the capacity to complete the work, as we hadn’t laid off any staff.

  • Today we have 22 full-time staff working for Too Hot To Handle including, plumbers, mechanical plumbers, refrigeration mechanics, electricians, plasterers, bricklayers and painters. We are now the highest-rated company on Google in Geelong, completing approximately 50 installs per week.  

  • 7 years later we still haven’t received one resignation. We owe all the positive reviews, and our company reputation, to each one of our team members. Every member takes so much pride in what they do, and it shows in their work every day. 

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Expertise and Experience

Our large team comprises certified plumbers and electricians who are technical experts, well-versed in the latest technologies and methodologies in everything that is the heating and cooling industry. With a robust track record of installing over 10,000 Home Heating and Cooling units in Geelong and surrounding, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every project.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We offer up to a 5-year warranty on our services, standing behind the workmanship and reliability of our solutions and our boys.

Janine PayneJanine Payne
21:48 21 Sep 23
Scott and guys removed an old split system and installed two new split systems for us. All workers were polite and professional throughout the day (Too Hot To Handle and DLK Electrical Solutions). Very happy with systems and rebates available. Felt very comfortable with these tradies in our home. No hesitation to recommend this business and their workers. Cheers and thanks. Janine
Deb GrullDeb Grull
06:30 14 Sep 23
Matt and team installed our new electric hot water service after our gas one gave up the ghost. He pulled a lot of strings to get one very quickly, so we were only without hot water for a day and a half. He ensured we also got all the government rebates. After sales service has been excellent.
karianne berrykarianne berry
00:43 12 Sep 23
Great Name. Awesome service, with a quality product and great price . Superlatives from a happy customer. Definitely recommend.
Madison YoungMadison Young
04:45 31 Aug 23
Scott and Matt are fantastic to deal with. They were efficient, competitively priced and professional. I can't recommend them enough. Our new heat pump hot water service is brilliant, and they helped us get the government rebates.
Liah BloodLiah Blood
10:44 25 Aug 23
Alex DawsonAlex Dawson
08:44 11 Aug 23
I booked the job with Matt and Scott 3 weeks ago for a full duct refit for our ducted heating. They are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were delighted with the price and the workmanship on the day. The guys arrived early, got the job done in a professional manor and went above and beyond. We will definitely use them again and we highly recommend them. Thanks Matt, Scott and the team.
Kate LyonsKate Lyons
09:56 01 Aug 23
Can't recommend these guys enough! They responded to my inquiry immediately, took initiative to get to my regional property and quote within a week and install was only a few days later. They did an amazing job, left the place spotless and the unit looks great. They also install customer supplied split system units which is surprisingly difficult to come across. 10/10