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Geelong Ducted Heating Vs Geelong Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems, rather than traditional ducted heating, have gained popularity for several reasons including that they are among the most efficient and cost-effective options. This system is often installed during construction and works by heating water in a gas boiler and distributing it across the house via pipes. Too Hot To Handle has compiled this list of six reasons why hydronic heating is preferable to traditional ducted heating Geelong.

The Cost Effective Geelong Heating Solution

It’s simple to understand the advantages of having a hydronic heating system in your house when you consider that its operating cost is expected to be 35 percent cheaper than that of typical gas ducted heating systems or central heating. Hydronic heating may need more money up front for installation, but it saves money in the long run. In addition, since gas boilers are used in the vast majority of hydronic heating systems, you may save a lot of money and increase efficiency to as high as 95%.

1. It’s Healthier and Cleaner

Common central and ducted heating systems harbour innumerable dust mites, germs, and allergies, which then circulate through the air you and your family breathe. Heating using hydronic systems is preferable because of the positive impact on human health. The technique is straightforward; water is heated, and then the heated water is distributed throughout the house using specific radiators. This method puts an end to the never-ending cycle of dust being released into the atmosphere.

Hydronic heating is safe for those with asthma and those with allergies. This method is not only a healthy and cost-effective way to heat a home, but it also mimics the way the sun warms a room, which is a nice bonus.

2. Safety Is Priority

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, be sure you’re not compromising on safety for any reason. Hydronic heating is the most reliable method because of this. These are airtight, so there are no open flames or electrical wires to worry about. This heating system provides high-quality heat in large quantities while putting safety first, thanks to its minimal fire risk.

Other Benefits of Hydronic Heating

Some other benefits of these systems include:

• Radiator panels are available in various styles, from ultra-modern to classically elegant to suit your home’s décor.
• Because the heat is constantly cycling higher, the temperature in every room of the house remains uniform.
• The most environmentally friendly method of heating a home is hydronic heating, which uses just natural gas and water as fuel.
• You can choose a suitable design for your individual needs as you have the flexibility to use electricity, propane, solid fuel or natural gas as your fuel choice.

As you can see, there are several valid reasons to opt for hydronic heating systems. For more information about our services, please call Too Hot To Handle at 0480 007 947 or write to us via this Online Form and we will have one of our experts call you back to discuss your requirements.