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Too Hot to Handle Geelong Heating and Cooling offers cost-effective solutions to Geelong homes, all year round. Whether it’s evaporative cooling for effective and efficient cooling, or split systems for ultimate heating or cooling comfort, no matter the weather, we cover all your Geelong Heating and Cooling needs.

Our highly recommended professionals team is committed to providing the best cooling and heating service in Geelong. We provide quality workmanship, promptness with every job we take on. You can rest assured that your home or business will be well looked after by us.

Here at Too Hot to Handle, we service the entire Geelong Victoria region. Our team has a high review rating with many 5 Star Reviews. We deliver and install heating and cooling systems in all the region listed below:

We operate a Heating and Cooling service in all Regions including:

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Matt and the team have been specialising in Geelong Home Heating and Cooling for over 10 years and with over 10,000 Home Heating and Cooling units installed in Geelong, we are committed at giving you the best experience to all of our customers.

How Our Process Works

  • Book in a Heating and Cooling onsite assessment
  • We will notify you 30 minutes before arrival
  • We will assess your home or commercial space by its size
  • Advise on the best Heating Cooling brand that suits your space and budget
  • Arrange a formal quote to be issued
  • Upon quote approval we will arrange a date that suits you for your job to be completed

Heating Geelong

If you live in Geelong, having a good heating system in your home is rather imperative. Installing the right heating system can help keep your home comfortable in the cold winter months. If you are looking for a professional heating Geelong company that offers ducted heating installation services, we are here to help.  At Too Hot to Handle, we have experienced professionals who are adept at installing, repairing and servicing various heating systems.

What is a heating system?

Heating systems help maintain comfortable thermal conditions in an indoor space. The heating technologies may vary from one type of heating system to another, but the function remains the same. You have different energy options to choose from, such as gas heating, electric heating and solar heating.

Why is a heating system useful?

If you live in a region with very cold winter temperatures, a heating system would play a crucial role in keeping your home warm. Choosing the right heating Geelong system for your home is crucial in maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.

Types of heating system

Several types of heating systems are currently available for residential and commercial uses. As one of the leading companies in this field, we offer heating system installation services for:

  • Ducted heating systems: As the name suggests, a ducted heating system distributes warm air across to different parts of the home, through ductwork. Feeding inlets on the outside of the home draw in cold air. After warming up in the central heating unit, the air travels into the rooms as a gentle breeze.
  • Hydronic heating Rather than using air to distribute heat around the home, a hydronic heating system uses hot water. Pipelines placed under the flooring and inside the walls transport the water, distributing the heat evenly through slabs, radiator panels and special floorboards.
  • Electronic panel heating: Electronic panel heating systems simply heat up the air circulating within a closed space. These wall-mounted panels are a good home heating solution if you are searching for something simple.

Our Cooling Geelong Air Conditioning Services

With a full range of options, when it comes to cooling down your home in Geelong a popular choice is adding on Cooling to a Gas Heating System. In most cases a reverse cycle Air Conditioning will also be able to keep you comfortable in the summer and the winter.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Geelong

We offer an entire range of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems, with most A/C products now offering over 3 years warranty fitting your home with a Split System or Ducted AC System. It's a very good option with energy and climate efficient options Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is truly good.


Reasons to count on us

  • Certified technical experts to handle your existing or executing new project at your place.
  • Many years of experience in handling air conditioning in the Geelong area.
  • Use the best quality inventory from top-rated companies only.
  • One-stop solution for repairs, service, and maintenance.
  • Can handle all types of the leading model without age or made restraints.
  • Ensure best compliances to energy efficiency at all times.
  • Saves you fortunes with the best prices in the industry.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers across Geelong.
  • Reliable and best technical support from the service team.

Have a heating/cooling System, project you’d like to discuss?

From simple split systems installation to ducted heating/cooling systems, to under slab/radiator hydronic heating; We provide the total solution for home and family. Our specialists can visit your home to plan a comprehensive heating / cooling system. And provides on-going support and maintenance, to ensure quality and comfort throughout the year.

With years of experience and expert knowledge, we pride ourselves on the highest level of customer service and on-going maintenance. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

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