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Should I service my heater before winter?

As we all prepare to snuggle into winter and spend more time at home than expected, we may notice the drafts and cold leakage more than we have in previous years. Heating units sit unused for half of the year and that is why here at Too Hot to Handle Heating and Cooling, we recommend you service your gas heater or gas log fire before winter hits. Regular maintenance of your heater will save you a future headache and ensure the longevity of your unit. It is something that is easily forgotten but should be done annually before running heaters for the first time. And of course, there’s always a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if it is not functioning properly. 

What is carbon monoxide? 

Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and it’s important to understand how it could affect you. Carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t easy to diagnose because the gas is colourless and odourless, you don’t know it’s there and before you know it you are getting drowsy and sick. The symptoms are similar to those of the flu. You may not necessarily have a clear indication of what is happening to you and thousands of people in Australia have been admitted to hospital in the past twenty years for carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, people are reactive and wait until something has happened to act. Do not wait until it’s too late. The best way to avoid a carbon monoxide disaster is to service your heater and get a carbon monoxide test. Find out more about our carbon monoxide testing. 

The Too Hot to Handle Heater Service 

Signing up for a Too Hot to Handle heater service is much more than just a simple check. Our technicians perform hundreds of gas heater services each year. They are the best in their field. When servicing your ducted gas heater, they will: 

  • Do a comprehensive carbon monoxide test 
  • Clean the dust build-up on the fan motor assembly 
  • Check the flame sensor and clean it 
  • Check and adjust spark gaps on the igniter 
  • Check that capacitors are running the motor within the specified range 
  • Test that the burning pressure is correctly set 
  • Check the seal on the flue connection 
  • Check all electrical connections 
  • Test for the correct airflow 
  • Clean the return air grill and the return air cavity 
  • Check the seal on the return air cavity 
  • Ensure the whole unit is working as it should 

Our team of technicians at Too Hot to Handle Heating and Cooling are fully qualified and do regular refresher courses to ensure they are always up to date with the latest fault-finding techniques.  Our local team of technicians are your gas heater experts. 

Safety Tips 

In addition to servicing your gas heater this winter, you should keep in mind the following safety tips: 

  • Never leave a heater unattended – don’t go out to get some milk and return to a fire 
  • Turn it off when you’re leaving the room or going to sleep 
  • Don’t let pets or children play too close to a heater 
  • Don’t dry clothes with your heater – dry them in the room, not close to the heat source 
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are functional and operational 

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