Gas Ducted Heating Geelong

For the most efficient way to heat your home choose a gas ducted heating geelong system. Gas ducted heating is a central heating system, connected to a series of outlets, simply designed to heat an entire home. Ducted heating outlets are an effective heating method, controlled easily and strategically positioned under floor or ceilings. Too Hot To Handle experts will place outlets around the home to ensure consistent warm air is being circulated.

Floor and Ceiling Control

You will have total control over gas-ducted heating, using a wall-mounted controller, which allows you to increase or decrease temperature, to suit all needs and conditions.

Zone your home

Zoning is available to most heating units and when enabled makes the unit much more efficient. A zoning system allows any room that does not require heating at the time, to be switched off and one of the several benefits includes individual control of different rooms’ temperatures.

Hydronic Heating Geelong

Too Hot to Handle knows the simple and effective way to heat a home, is with Hydronic Heating. Also known as radiant heating, a hydronic heating system circulates heated water through sealed pipes to underfloor heating systems, trench convectors, panel radiators, or heated towel rails in the home. Every home deserves great heating comfort and a Hydronic Heating system is the perfect way to achieve just that.

Hydronic Heating Panels Geelong

Hydronic Heating Geelong is a safe, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way of heating your home. The simple and effective way to heat your home, uses a boiler to heat water, which then circulates through piping connected to radiator panels installed in each room. Heat from radiator panels transfers through your home by natural convection. An alternative to radiator panels is underfloor heating. The installation of a floor coil system allows heated water to flow through piping under tiled, timber, concrete or suspended floors. Heat released through the floor comfortably warms each room. Too Hot to Handle Hydronic Heating is an excellent way to heat your home through winter and is becoming more popular with a range of significant benefits. From financial savings; environmental sustainability; to cleaner and quieter; quick efficient heating of your home.