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Whether you are installing a new gas heating system or need to get your existing one repaired, you need experienced professionals on the job. This is exactly where our team, at Too Hot to Handle, can be of assistance. As one of the best gas heating Geelong service companies, we could provide you with excellent services. We have been in this industry for over a decade, specialising in residential cooling and heating Geelong.

What makes us the best company for gas heating Geelong service?

While you do have several gas heating companies in Geelong to choose from, we just happen to stand out from the crowd. Thanks to our amazing team of experienced professionals, we have earned our place as one of the best service providers. Here is why we are one of your best options:

  1. Expertise

Our expertise in this field of work is a major factor behind how we are able to serve our customers the way we do. All our gas plumbers and technicians have gathered plenty of experience in working on gas heating Geelong systems. Upon hiring them for a job, you may rest assured that your HVAC system is in good hands. Our team would use years of practical knowledge and expertise to deliver the best services.

  1. Cost-efficiency

It is only normal that you would want to curtail the costs while hiring a professional service, and we would help you achieve it. We always look for ways to carry out a gas heating installation or repair as cost-effectively as possible, without compromising on the quality of our services or the components we use. This also enables us to offer extremely reasonable quotes and help our customers save money.

  1. Detailed assessments before installations

When you hire our gas heating installation services, our team would carry out a thorough assessment of your property before proceeding. This way, they can determine the right gas heating system for your home and take a customized approach to install it. Although we complete every job as quickly as possible, we never skip or rush necessary assessments. This helps us provide our customers with the best heating solutions.

  1. Professionalism

One of the key factors that set us apart as a leading professional gas heating installation company is our professional approach. Our team always tries their best to help our customers enjoy a hassle-free experience. We carry out every job in a streamlined and well-organized manner, eliminating as many roadblocks as possible. Working with an unprofessional team can be a nightmare, and thankfully, this isn’t something you need to worry about upon hiring us.

  1. Customer-centric approach

We aim to cater to our customers’ needs as accurately as possible. To achieve this, we follow an extremely customer-centric approach. Our team would work closely with you, keeping you in the loop all the time. In case you have any personal preferences regarding how you want an installation done, you can always express them.

Gas Heating Geelong

Our amazing Gas Heating Geelong customer service

Although customer service is often an underestimated aspect, it determines the experience that you would have while working with a company. No matter how reputed a company is, poor customer service can make you regret choosing them. After all, you wouldn’t want to work with a company that leaves you waiting too long for a response or doesn’t offer adequate information.

This, however, would never be an issue for you if you were to choose us. Our customer service team does an excellent job due to their:

  • Constant availability
  • Willingness to help our customers with all the information they need
  • Transparency regarding the costs
  • Friendly approach
  • In-depth knowledge in this field of work

Hence, when you rope in our team, you may stay assured that you would also have a reliable customer support team assisting you all the time.

Why choosing us is the right for gas heating service?


HVAC systems are expensive, and so are their repairs. Not getting your gas heating system installed by an experienced team of professionals can lead to various problems down the road. In case you are getting an existing system serviced or repaired, it is crucial that the company handling the job uses high-grade and genuine components. Hence, hiring a leading company like us would definitely pay off. To get in touch with Too Hot to Handle, you may fill up this form or call us at 0480 007 947

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