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In recent times, the popularity of evaporative coolers has been on a steady rise. If you are planning to get one of these coolers for your home, you would want to have it installed by experienced professionals. After all, the cooler is a large appliance and a faulty installation could result in major damages.

Wondering where you can find reliable Evap cooler Geelong installation services? Well, you need not look any further, as we are one of the most reliable companies for it.

At Too Hot to Handle, we carry out installations, repairs and servicing of evaporative coolers with great care.

Why choose Evaporative Coolers?

Evaporative coolers have significant climate and environmental benefits. When it comes to lower energy usage and running costs far lower than refrigerated options, evaporative air-conditioning is a smart solution.

For natural cooling and easy living, all year round, use the power of evaporative cooling systems to cool your home.

Common evaporative cooling problems that we could fix

Like any other appliance, your evaporative cooler can develop snags too. When it does, you need to have it checked and fixed by experienced professionals. Here are some of the common problems that occur in evaporative coolers:

Foul smells

As an evaporative cooler would be supplying air to your home, foul odours can be a huge nuisance. This is usually a result of standing water or lack of maintenance, which can lead to stagnancy and mildew growth. This not only poses a health threat, but can also cause severe damage to the evaporative cooler.

Poor airflow

The very function of an evaporative cooler is to blow cool air into your home. Poor airflow hampers the cooling effect and blocks fresh outdoor air from entering your home. Such reduced air circulation is generally a result of damaged mechanical parts or blocked exhaust vents. To restore the airflow back to normal, a professional would have to clear the blockage and replace the damaged parts.

Failure to start

In case of a severe problem, your evaporative cooler might fail to even start in the first place. This could occur due to a number of reasons, such as a blown fuse, a tripped breaker a poor connection, etc. One of our professionals could inspect the evaporative cooler to determine the cause and the extent of the damage.


A leaky evaporative cooler requires immediate attention, and you must get it fixed at the soonest. These leaks usually occur when homeowners fail to store the unit properly during winter. If you do not know how to store an evaporative cooler unit, feel free to consult our professionals for any advice.

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How often do evaporative coolers need servicing?

Getting your evaporative cooler serviced timely would prevent major problems, thus helping you avoid expensive repairs. However, the ideal frequency of servicing depends on several factors, such as the cooler model and how frequently you use it. While some coolers run fine with a service check every two to three years, others may need annual or bi-annual service checks. If unsure, you should either get your cooler serviced at least once or twice a year or simply ask a professional.

While carrying out an evaporative cooler servicing, professionals would inspect for signs of damage or wear and tear that might need repairs. This helps to fix issues at an early stage, before they can grow into problems that are expensive to deal with. If it has already been a long time since you last got your evaporative cooler serviced, contact us to schedule a service check.

Can you install or service an Evap System yourself?

It is definitely not advisable to try installing or servicing an evaporative cooler by yourself. While DIY solutions may seem enticing in terms of affordability, they often don’t go the way you would want them to.

Ultimately, you could end up with a damaged cooler that’s far costlier to repair than hiring a professional evaporative cooler installation service in the first place.

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