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Ducted Gas Heating with Add-on Cooling

A Gas Ducted heater fitted with Add-on cooling is specially designed to use the same ductwork and grilles, which makes installation and operation easier. Add-on cooling Geelong, can also be retro fitted to an existing gas ducted heating system; provided the existing heater and ducting has been sized to suit this addition for a later date. The add-on cooler is a refrigerated system providing cool air throughout your ducted areas, and is most effective when used with a zoned system. If you have any questions about heating, cooling, or heating and cooling split systems; including zoning your home; be sure to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

Add On Cooling

Add on cooling is specifically designed to use the same ductwork and grilles when integrated with a ducted gas central heating system. This type of cooling can be added at the same time as the installation of a new gas ducted heater, or, can be retro fitted to an existing gas ducted heating system. This will provide the ability to deliver cool refrigerated air throughout your home using the same ductwork and outlets as your heater. *Depending on the application of an existing heater some modifications may be required. Once installed, the system operates as a split ducted air-conditioning system, without the added cost of duplicate fan unit or registers. As it is a refrigerated system, the add-on cooler provides cool air throughout your ducted areas, and is most effective when used with a zoned system.

Evaporative Cooling Geelong

Are you searching for an environmentally friendly and affordable air conditioning system for your home? Committed to providing the best in home air conditioning units, our expert team at Too Hot To Handle are here for you! We deliver evaporative cooling to Geelong, Newcomb, Grovedale, and surrounding suburbs. An innovative system of Chillcel pads and filters, evaporative cooling Geelong delivers a crisp, clean, and refreshing supply of cool air for an entire family. Using this method, evaporative cooling which does not recirculate air, is the best choice for customers suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions.

Evaporative Cooling Service Geelong

Thanks to our broad range of experience and passion for cooling service solutions, Too Hot To Handle Geelong is committed to providing customers with the best evaporative cooling service. Our Geelong and surrounding suburb residents can benefit from the multiple advantages of our range of innovative units. Providing a double ventilation system, evaporative cooling units pump fresh air into your house, whilst also pushing hot, stale air out. Offensive household odours from the kitchen or the bathroom can dissipate quickly while the unit is in fan only mode.<br. Too Hot To Handle Evaporative Cooling Geelong strives to provide a comprehensive and reliable set of after-care services for your evaporative cooling units. From repair to regular maintenance, our skilled and technical crew have the know-how to keep your air flowing.

Evaporative Cooling in Grovedale, Geelong and surrounding suburbs

With our knowledge, attention to detail, and dedication to customer service satisfaction, our evaporative cooling Geelong team excels at delivering evaporative cooling solutions to your home. No matter the shape, size, or number of rooms, Too Hot To Handle draws on our experience to deliver evaporative cooling units, to Geelong, Grovedale, Newcomb and surrounding locations. Our crew are here for you! * Always consult your medical practitioner for information regarding your specific condition