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Choosing the right type of Air Conditioner

When you hunt for the best air conditioner to beat the summer heat, what do you look out for? While you have several brands like Braemar, Brivis, or Samsung to choose from, it pays to know what you expect from them. Beyond cooling your interiors, the AC is responsible for controlling the humidity level in your rooms. Besides, in winter, you might use your ACs to heat up your indoor space. With several reputed brands available to choose from, how do you make your choice? 

Let’s check out how you must decide on your choice while purchasing the right air-cooling system for your home. 

Choosing the right type of AC 

Reputed brands like Breezair, Coolair, and Mitsubishi have come up with different types of ACs. Depending on your budget and the area you want to cool, you can choose from window AC, split AC, portable AC, and even a central air conditioning system. 

  • Also, once you reach out to the HVAC experts, the professionals can guide you over the right size and capacity of these systems. 
  • In case you want to temporally cool down one of the rooms, you can go for a portable AC. This wouldn’t require you to make any sort of modification in the windows or the walls. 
  • You can look out for some of the brands like Fujitsu and Panasonic, known for their long-lasting cooling solutions. 

Choosing the Kilowatts 

As long as you work out the KW calculation right, you can get your AC from any of the reputed brands. 

  • 10-25m2A small kitchen, bedroom, study, small lounge, small office


  • 25-35m2Bedroom, small lounge, small room with a high ceiling, office, mid-sized kitchen
  • 35-60m2A large bedroom, bedroom with an en-suite, mid-sized lounge


  • 60-80m>2Large lounge, large open plan area, small shop, office

However, you also need to consider some other factors like the mean room temperature and the ceiling height while calculating the capacity of the AC. Whether you go for Lennox, Bonaire, or Actron Air, make sure to get the KW right. 

AC for consistent cooling 

Looking for a more consistent cooling system in your room? It would be a logical decision to go for an inverter AC. These systems are quieter, and would help you to reduce your energy bills. 

In ACs without inverter, the compressor regulates the right temperature indoors by turning on and off several times. When the system switches on each time, there is a spike in the electric supply. As the system operates, the compressor turns on several times. At the end of the day, the AC consumes more power. 

In an inverter AC, the compressor remains on all the time. However, when the AC reaches the desired temperature, the compressor keeps operating at a lower speed. This makes the process efficient and consumes lower energy. 

Well, when you try to choose the best AC from one of the reputed brands, make sure to get it customized for your interiors. Consulting a reputed professional would help you make the right decision.

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